Yall, I swear Makayla is a trooper. Every time she is here, i make her literally hurry up and get ready bc i have another "photography idea" in mind i need her to help me achieve it and she hops right to it no matter what! 

Today was silhouette photography. I saw it and knew i had to master it. It started pretty embarrassing (i wont show those pics), but a trip to Winthrop Lake, climbing walls in dresses with no shoes on and almost nightfall, we got it together!! 

I just heard one of her friends tell her "man, you are lucky!" UHHH, if she only knew what goes through my mind and the ideas i make this kid do, she wouldn't think she was so lucky then HAHA. The hot days and the late nights aren't so fun as a 4-12 year old when you would rather be playing or talking to your friends. Yes, she has been my model for 8 years now.....poor child lol at least we know her life has been documented!!!

Anyway, If you are interested in silhouette photography for you or your family, i would love to work with you. Check out Makaylas shoot!!