Meet Kylie! She is one of Makayla's friends. My whole family loves her. She is polite, listens, has a heart of gold and is as pretty as a peach. It goes without saying why I chose her to be a model for me!

I wanted to advertise to do a few mini sessions and what better advertisement than Kylie!?! So here is my Idea. This white dress {it will fit girls 7/8 and 9/10 (maybe 11/12)}, the flower headband and wooded background. If your child can't fit into this particular dress, you are more than welcome to bring your own. 15 minute slots, $85 and you will receive 6-8 images. If you decide to put siblings in the pictures, it will be $15 per child. 

Im not posting a date or location yet as I wanted to see how much feedback I got on this particular session. So, please PM me or comment below to let me know if this is a session you would want for your child.