Happy Tuesday! I wanted to start blogging about my Hair, Makeup and Photography businesses. Just kinda give you all an insight on where I am with what business. haha! This may be a bit tricky, but I'm going to give it a go!

I decided since Photography is my most recent start-up, ill show you all a little shoot Mak and I did today! 

Check out this Sassy & Sweet girl. This is my Step-daughter {for those of you who don't know her already}. She has been my "model" since my husband gave me my camera 5 years ago. She's super cute, why wouldnt I let her be my model, right?!? Anytime I have an idea pop in my head she is usually the first person I go to and ask if she wants to do it.....sometimes its a very quick "no!", sometimes its an excited "Yes!".

She and I went to a few yard sales recently {one of our favorite things to do together =) } and she mentioned a "cute photoshoot" while holding the dress for me to see.  It was $2 lol so duh, I bought it! I'll do a photoshoot any time, any day. We both thought some colored Chuck Taylors (thank you Morgan for letting us borrow your shoes!!) would be worn with it and when we woke up this morning and decided today would be a good day to shoot, I came up with the balloons, the bun in her hair and the crown! We threw this together super quick. Although, id have to say it turned out really cute! 

Today was a YES!!!! YAAAAY! So here you go! 

I'll accept any and all comments~ XOXO