Silhouhette Photography

Yall, I swear Makayla is a trooper. Every time she is here, i make her literally hurry up and get ready bc i have another "photography idea" in mind i need her to help me achieve it and she hops right to it no matter what! 

Today was silhouette photography. I saw it and knew i had to master it. It started pretty embarrassing (i wont show those pics), but a trip to Winthrop Lake, climbing walls in dresses with no shoes on and almost nightfall, we got it together!! 

I just heard one of her friends tell her "man, you are lucky!" UHHH, if she only knew what goes through my mind and the ideas i make this kid do, she wouldn't think she was so lucky then HAHA. The hot days and the late nights aren't so fun as a 4-12 year old when you would rather be playing or talking to your friends. Yes, she has been my model for 8 years now.....poor child lol at least we know her life has been documented!!!

Anyway, If you are interested in silhouette photography for you or your family, i would love to work with you. Check out Makaylas shoot!! 



Launching the Photography Business

Amber Nicholle 2-01.png

EEEK........I am so excited that I am finally to the point of launching this business!  It has truly scared me, yet makes me the happiest for years! Amber Nicholle Photography is officially in business!!!! 

I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally do this and I pray that I capture and deliver all of your special moments for the years to come. 

Please understand my reasoning behind having to post the points below as I get asked this all the time.  

Things you need to know........

1. This is my livelihood.  I am unable to do free photoshoots.

2. I have 5 years of education and experience under my belt. If you would like photos taken, please book a session.  I will not be doing "practice sessions". 

3. Time is valuable and money.....if you are late, there will be a late charge.  Please be courteous of timely appointments and I will reciprocate the same. 

4. Deposits will be taken for EVERY session.....friends, family, friends of family - everyone! 

5. If you want your photos taken at a certain venue and costs are associated, you are in charge of that fee. 

6. I want you to look absolutely amazing, so if I get home from your shoot and I am not pleased with your photos, I will refund your money. Lawd, you are not sharing your photos with my name attached to them and me not be 100% happy with them myself.  Lol.

7. I truly hope you enjoy your session and love your photos!

Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer and for allowing me the time in your busy lives to capture your family memories!! <3  


Pictures are worth a thousand words and one day, pictures are all that’s left.  BOOK your SESSION today!


{I will provide mini-sessions from time to time but Family and Children Photography will be my forte'. I am not a wedding nor an infant photographer}



The first 10 people to book a:

30 minute family session or a children session will receive the session for $125!!!!! (Normally $150) 

60 minute family session or a children session will receive the session for $175!!!!! (Normally $200) 

120 minute family session or a children session will receive the session for $375!!!!! (Normally $400) 

See normal pricing here 

To take advantage of this special, please message me to schedule a day and time! 







Who gives you more bang for your buck?!?!

I have been a subscriber of IPSY for I'd say 3 years or so. Its a $10 monthly makeup, hair & skincare "glam bag" that comes with 5 samples of different products plus a cute little bag. For $10 a month, its not a bad purchase, especially if you are a hair and makeup lover like me!!! 

Here is a picture of the June glam bag. It was not my favorite glam bag but it was $10 and I'm sure I'll use something out of it at some point. Actually, Makayla and I used the nail polish to paint each others toes lol mine is a blueish color. 

If you want to subscribe to this monthly bag, here is a link to get you started 




Screenshot 2017-06-21 07.53.59.png

I was chatting recently with my friend Amanda about my IPSY bag and she mentioned BOXYCHARM. I had never heard of it so I looked into it. OH EM GEE!!!! Ok, its $21 a month but it comes with full size products of over $100 worth of makeup, hair and skincare. I just received my second box and I could not be more excited about this monthly purchase. 

Here is a picture of this months box.

As you can see, the products are full size and better!! Here are the products individually posted and their original price. 

My opinion is BOXYCHARM definitely gives you more BANG for your BUCK! 

My love definitely falls on the BOXYCHARM side now but I will continue getting both IPSY and BOXYCHARM for the time being. If you like the BOXYCHARM box and want to subscribe, here is the link: 




Sassy & Sweet

Happy Tuesday! I wanted to start blogging about my Hair, Makeup and Photography businesses. Just kinda give you all an insight on where I am with what business. haha! This may be a bit tricky, but I'm going to give it a go!

I decided since Photography is my most recent start-up, ill show you all a little shoot Mak and I did today! 

Check out this Sassy & Sweet girl. This is my Step-daughter {for those of you who don't know her already}. She has been my "model" since my husband gave me my camera 5 years ago. She's super cute, why wouldnt I let her be my model, right?!? Anytime I have an idea pop in my head she is usually the first person I go to and ask if she wants to do it.....sometimes its a very quick "no!", sometimes its an excited "Yes!".

She and I went to a few yard sales recently {one of our favorite things to do together =) } and she mentioned a "cute photoshoot" while holding the dress for me to see.  It was $2 lol so duh, I bought it! I'll do a photoshoot any time, any day. We both thought some colored Chuck Taylors (thank you Morgan for letting us borrow your shoes!!) would be worn with it and when we woke up this morning and decided today would be a good day to shoot, I came up with the balloons, the bun in her hair and the crown! We threw this together super quick. Although, id have to say it turned out really cute! 

Today was a YES!!!! YAAAAY! So here you go! 

I'll accept any and all comments~ XOXO