Join the Healthy Hair Revolution

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What is MONAT!

MONAT is an anti-aging hair care company offering NATURALLY- based products and limitless opportunity. They have a 30 day money back Guarantee with less than 1% return rate. 

7 things MONAT will do to your hair!  

1. Detox!

 Monat will detox your hair from sulfates, parabens, silicones and other agents that cause build up, scalp irritations and dandruff. Even many salon products contain heavy silicones that cause build up over time and affect the quality of your hair color.

2. Significantly reduce shedding! 

You will notice that you have significantly less shedding using Monat. You may have a little more than usual for the first few weeks of using Monat because it's detoxing the follicles that couldn't breathe and releasing the hair you were about to shed anyway.

3. New Hair Growth!

Your hair will finally be able to grow where it was slow growing or couldn't grow before using Monat. I've got little inch long hairs growing in ALL over my head!

4. Faster Hair Growth!

Your hair will begin to grow faster than it has in the past and you will see how quickly the growth speeds up after the first couple of months.

5. Youthful texture & shine!

Your hair will regain a more youthful texture and shine that you've missed! You will also see more movement and manageability.

6. Less Maintenance!

Because your hair no longer has the detergents and silicones built up on the cuticles and follicles of your hair, it will dry faster and require less heat and products to style it! 

7. Longer Lasting Color! 

When you color your hair, Monat works to help your hair color penetrate deeper and last longer! The quality of your color will be much better and you will have far less fading. As a stylist, this has been one of my favorite things about using Monat!

Why did I choose Monat?!

First things first.........The products are seriously AHH-MAZING but the Godly women and the love of Jesus from the girls on my "up line" is so inspiring. They pray, they thank God, they talk about God while promoting NATURALLY based hair care. GOD + HAIR PRODUCTS are right up my alley, I'd be a FOOL not to join them!!! 

I wasn't thrilled about jumping into Network Marketing but it has produced more MILLIONAIRES than any other industry. Yes, it's work.....but it's WORK from HOME!! And it's Shampoo.....Everyone needs shampoo. If you have hair, you need this shampoo. If you don't have hair, you need this shampoo.

I quickly realized all this company is doing differently is cutting out the "middle man", The Beauty Supply Stores, and letting us market the product and get paid what the beauty supply stores would be paid. 

Jesus, Luscious Locks and Getting Paid= NO BRAINER 

Becoming a VIP! One time membership fee of $19.99

When you become a VIP, you will recieve:

*FREE Shipping!

*FREE Product Samples


*LIMITED EDITION monthly products in every single order.

*FLEXIBILITY to choose different products In every order.

*$84 CREDIT with our 3 & THANK YOU Rewards Program (Refer 3 people in the month you order and you'll get an $84 credit the next month!)

*Access to FLASH SALES, special offers and promotions.

*Easy online ordering

*Style Magazine

*Birthday Recognition (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!)

You have NOTHING to lose! Its a 30 day money back guarantee! Don't wait to try MONAT! Your hair will thank you!!

Joining My Team!!! 

Let me throw this out there......YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A STYLIST TO SELL SHAMPOO! The three girls above me in my "up-line" aren't in the hair industry and they are KILLING IT! Girls who live in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Charlotte......they are making THOUSANDS of dollars a month and driving around in Cadillacs just by selling MONAT! They are just like you and I! If they can do it, so can I! I would love to sit down and chat with you about how we, together, can make THOUSANDS as well! 

We arent asking people to change their diet, or wake up and put on a flawless face. We are asking them to shampoo their hair.......which they already do. I heard someone say the other day, "Not everyone needs or wants makeup. not everyone needs or wants to lose weight. EVERYONE needs shampoo!" 

Let me help you reach financial FREEDOM. I'm well on my way. Hard work ALWAYS pays off! 

Determine which products will work for you.