Hey everyone! I thought I would start my blog off with an article about my worst enemy at the salon......box color! Before I became a Cosmetologist, I used box color from time to time. I had my up's and down's with it then I learned that you NEVER know what is in box color. I had a customer recently try to lighten her hair with box color. It came out with sharpie black streaks in it. Who can tell me where the black came from in a color that is suppose to "lighten" your hair?? lol me either!! So, like #9 in this article, her $8 box color turned into 2 correction sessions and damaged hair which cost her $170 and 4 inches off the length at the end of the whole ordeal.

I have probably gotten at least 6 texts from customers stating they needed help because they used box color and their hair turned orange. My husband will hear the text come through, hear me say (in my most frustrated voice) "oh my gosh!!" and he automatically says "someone use box color?". Ha ha this happens way too much!! Those 6 customers haven't used box color since.....thank God! 

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