Get to know ME better! 

1. Im a Wife to Gregg and a Step-Mother to Makayla. They complete my family.

2. I wont leave the house without earrings on.

3. I could eat cereal for dinner every night.

4. I love to read a good book.

5. I smile a LOT, and i laugh even more.

6. I like to be cuddled on the couch during a thunderstorm....they are so relaxing.

7. CAROLINA GAMECOCKS!!! Need I say more? =)

8. I get into the most trouble when I'm with my brother and sister (together). We laugh til we can't breathe.

9. I have a niece, Makenna, who took my heart right out of my chest when she was born. <3

10. Family means more to me than anything else!